• Na-To trackor

This is our take on the WW2 Japanese Na-To chassis. It is intended as a generic tracked transporter for any game system.

The sides of the bin can be built up (for transporting the boys) or down (to mount artillery)

The Type 5 Na-To (五式砲戦車 Go-shiki hōsensha), officially known as the Experimental 7.5cm self-propelled anti-tank gun Na-To (試製七糎半対戦車自走砲 ナト Shisei nana-senchimētoru hantaisensha jisōhō Na-To) was the penultimate tank destroyer developed by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1945, during the closing stages of World War II.

The kit is made from 1mm heavy grey card.
It is supplied unpainted and unassembled in a flat pack.
Instructions on how to build are included in the kit.

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Na-To trackor

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