MK IV Tank

MK IV Tank
MK IV Tank MK IV Tank MK IV Tank MK IV Tank MK IV Tank MK IV Tank MK IV Tank
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The Mark IV (pronounced "Mark Four") was a British tank of World War I. Introduced in 1917, it benefited from significant developments on the first British tank, the intervening designs being small batches used for training. The major improvements were in armour, the re-siting of the fuel tank, and easier transportation. A total of 1,220 were built: 420 "Males", 595 "Females" and 205 Tank Tenders (unarmed vehicles used to carry supplies), which made it the most produced British tank of the War.
The Mark IV was first used in mid 1917 at the Battle of Messines Ridge. It remained in official British service until the end of the War, and a small number served briefly with other combatants afterwards.
This is a 1/48 scale kit made from 1mm heavy card. It is supplied unpainted and unassembled as a flat pack.
One of the options is a turret add-on. This comes with a new top deck and Matilda turret (as seen in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade")
If you take the turret add-on, there are several other guns available which make the tank more useful in the grimdark.
A sponson addon also includes a front sponson plus three heavy bolt guns.


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